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Thank you for visiting Career Transition Headquarters. I designed this site to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in their effort to find and evaluate  legitimate business opportunities so an informed decision can be made about their transition from employee to self-employed.

Weather you have a certain franchise in mind, know what kind of business you want to start, are looking for a legitimate home based business opportunity, or find yourself overwhelmed by the endless opportunities, My site can help.

Topics and services you can expect to find here

  • Self evaluation: What are my strengths, what are my weaknesses, what do I enjoy doing most, what do I least enjoy doing, what gets me excited when I think about owning a business and what scares me. Am I really ready to be self employed? Am I financially ready to become a business owner?
  • Franchises: Understanding franchising, how to evaluate a franchise, the process top brands use to qualify or disqualify a candidate. Assistance finding available franchises that might be a fit and help walking through the discovery process. Funding options and resources.
  • Internet business opportunities: how to avoid a scam, what is realistic when starting an online business, what I believe to be the best legitimate home based business opportunity and why. Personal mentorship to qualified candidates in starting an online business.
  • Business licensing opportunities: what you should know before investing in a license opportunity. Assistance in locating available opportunities and help evaluating so you can make an informed decision.
  • Start ups: pros and cons of a start up, what you need to know about starting your own business from scratch, Ideas for self start businesses.

There is something to fit nearly any skill set, goals and budget. I hope the resources you find here help you to make an informed decision about your future.

Continue reading to learn more about me, my qualifications and how I can help, or click on the link below to take the:

>>>Steps to finding a business to fit your wants needs and budget<<<

Who am I?

My name is Simon Ecklund. I live in St. Cloud, MN. When I am not helping people in their efforts to become an entrepreneur, I love spending time with family and friends, fine dining, traveling, music, arts, motorcycles, water sports, fishing, mountain biking, snow sports, evenings on the couch enjoying a good movie, and sometimes doing absolutely nothing productive.

Facts and History!

I had two dreams as a kid and teenager, to drive a semi truck and to help people.

Fear kept my dream of helping people from becoming a reality. I didn’t do well in a traditional learning environment, so I was afraid to go to college for fear that I would fail.

So my dream to drive a semi became a reality. I owned and operated semi for 15 years.

I remember daydreaming about driving a big truck when I was a kid watching movies like “Smokey and the Bandit and Convoy.” So when I was presented with the opportunity to learn to drive truck, I was extremely excited.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that trucking was not for me. I am a people person and the road is a lonely place. As I said before fear kept me from moving out of my comfort zone so I stayed stuck for many more years.

How I got to where I am today!

I will keep this as short as possible. There was a series of events that brought me to where I am today and how I am able and qualified to help people find a business that might be the perfect solution to their wants and needs as well as help struggling entrepreneurs with solutions to their internet marketing challenges so they can scale their online presence.

I learned I was going to be a parent in 2011 and I refused to raise a family from the road. So I sold my truck and got a local job driving truck and operating heavy equipment.

In 2013, I was in a car accident and I was faced with only a couple of choices

  • Get out of my comfort zone and learn something new.
  • or complain about how unfair life is and wallow in self-pity because I couldn’t get a good enough paying job due to a lack of a formal education

I chose to get out of my comfort zone and ended up starting a home based business centered in helping people. 

This did not happen quickly, easily, or without a great deal of frustration, embarrassment, and the loss of thousands of dollars. I signed up for two different network marketing companies and tried tapping into the online business world a couple of different times and failed miserably.

But I do not give up easily. I just kept networking with people and reading. In the spring of 2014 I discovered  a legitimate home based business opportunity that aligned with my passion to help people.

Some of my favorite quotes!

“Success lies outside your comfort zone” Bill Gates

“The only Strategy guaranteed to fail is not taking risks” Mark Zuckerberg

“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the
long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction” John F. Kennedy

“It is not the things you do that you will regret 20 years from now, It is the
things you didn’t do” Mark Twain

What motivated me to build CTH?

Technology has made it possible to access information from the palm of our hand. However the same technology makes it  easy to get sucked into researching any topic to the point of being counter productive and has also made it increasingly easier for unethical people to take advantage of good people.

I know firsthand. I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars looking for information related to legitimate home based businesses before finding one that fit my interests, goals and budget.

I decided I wanted to help people avoid some of the pitfalls I experienced along the way by creating a resource center related to becoming an entrepreneur.

There are thousands of franchise opportunities, internet business opportunities, and self start business ideas and it can become very time consuming and expensive trying to find helpful information online.

There are many variables in selecting a franchise that the common person would never know unless they spent a great deal of time reading about franchising. Not all franchises are created equal, and sometimes what seems like the perfect business may not be a fit based on the role of the owner.

Due to my experiences I have been gifted with knowledge, skills and resources that have positioned me to do what I love, help people.

Deciding to become self-employed is a life changing event, it should not be taken lightly and without spending time talking with financial advisers, legal advisers and many self employed people in several different industries. Face it (you wouldn’t buy an expensive luxury car without consulting with car experts and other owners of your top choices before making a decision to spend your hard earned money, so why would you decide to become self employed or decide on a business without putting fourth the same effort)!

You are making a decision that will require a positive mindset and an investment of  both time, and money. This is a big commitment and you want to be sure you understand as much as possible before making your final decision.

So, I  created Career Transitions Headquarters to help aspiring entrepreneurs  find good information and resources without the loss of time and money I experienced along the way.


What qualifies me to help and how?

  • I have been self employed most of my adult life, so I understand what it takes to evaluate, start and run any business.
  • I operate a franchise brokerage helping franchise seekers in their efforts to  find an available franchise that meets their wants, needs and budget. I then walk  them through the franchise discovery process to be sure they get enough of the right information to make an informed decision.
  • I hold memberships with multiple business networks designed to support and provide personal growth and business development resources for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and struggling entrepreneurs.

I am a work in progress. I continue to invest in myself so I can create a better place for you to learn.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin


THE Mission of CTH!

The mission of Career Transitions Headquarters is to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand

  • themselves
  • what it takes to evaluate, start and run any business
  • how to evaluate opportunities
  • what opportunities are available
  • and what resources are available to fund the business, or legal representation if needed

I am dedicated to providing quality relevant information and resources to help you save time and money in your efforts to find a business that might work for you. This is a simple four step process. Evaluate yourself, Gather information, evaluate information then make the best decision for yourself based on facts.

>>>Start the process here<<<

If you ever need a hand, have any questions or have a topic you would like me to cover, please leave your comments in comments section at the bottom of the page and I will be more than happy to help you out.

For a more personalized experience >>> Click here to schedule call<<<

All the best,

Simon Ecklund


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  1. Hey Simon
    Just your history is so inspiring, I wonder what the rest of the articles have for me, I wish I had more time to read.
    I wish you luck in your endeavors.

    1. Thank you Talha,

      Feel free to schedule a call with me through the tab on my contact page if you have questions or need help with anything.

      All the best


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