How to Start a Successful Online Business/Three Simple Requirements for Success

Ever wonder how people become so successful with internet businesses, how they came up with the idea for their internet business, or thought about trying one of the many opportunities available? Maybe you have tried something and it didn’t work out, or it was not what you were told it would be.

If you have been looking for a legitimate home based business opportunity or tried something that did not work out then you are no stranger to some of the following.

Some of the Hype done for you products, simple internet business, how I earned 10k in one month, how to build your list by the thousands with the click of a button, or How to build your business using FaceBook and have people knocking your door down to join you, The list of topics goes on.

Before I get into how to start a successful online business using three simple requirements for success, I would like to touch on a couple of important matters and share a quick comparison to set the stage.

Building a business of any kind be it a network marketing business, e-commerce, direct sales, internet marketing or traditional brick and mortar, all require a steady flow of customers to buy products or services in order to remain open and grow. This is a process that does not happen overnight, and the work is never done.

Your List is Important true a list must be built in order to have a profitable business. The reality is that it is not easy to build a list of people that know like and trust you. It will not happen overnight and certainly not on auto pilot. How do I know? Because I have fallen for many of these claims over the years and lost several thousand dollars in the process.

The good news I made the mistakes and now I can help you not make the same mistakes. I was not looking for a get rich on auto pilot program any of the times I fell for slick marketing tactics. I have always been willing to invest in myself and work hard.

My first business was an investment of over 100k I owned and operated a semi over the road for 15 years. I worked 70-90 hours a week, so I understand operating expenses, and work ethic is certainly not a problem for me.

The other good news I found some legitimate programs with all the tools, training and support you need to start and build a sustainable home based business one a couple of these programs have free starter memberships that will allow you to try before you buy.  

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The Comparison!

Building a business with customers that know like and trust you is like trying to grow a plant from seed.

Mindset you have to understand the time and effort it will take and get in the right frame of mind to commit to the process. Read up on how to grow a plant from seed, talk to others that have done it with success and talk with some that have not had success. Arming yourself with as much information as possible will allow you to have the right mindset as you begin.

The same principals apply to starting a business of any kind. First you need to understand what it takes to start, build  and maintain a business. Read up on starting a business, talk to many people that have succeeded and talk to some that have failed. Gather as much useful information as possible to have the right mindset as you begin. 

Get Started analyze the soil to be sure it has the nutrients to germinate the seed, plant the seed, water, fertilize and repeat until your seed sprouts. The work is not done here, in fact it has just begun. This will require tools and directions obtained from a garden center followed by action.

Again principals are the same. Determine who has a want or need and for what, build a trusting relationship with them, offer value and repeat. This will require tools and directions from reliable resources and action. (plant the seed in nutrient rich soil, water, fertilize and repeat).

Be Committed and Consistent now that the seed has sprouted continue to water, analyze the nutrients in the soil, weed and watch for bugs that can destroy the plant, treat and repeat. A plant will live as long as someone continues to care for it. This also requires the tools, directions and continued efforts.

You guessed it, the same principals apply. Once the relationship is built and they become a customer the real work begins. Continue to nurture the relationships, make regular contact, continue to offer value, address errors, and watch for the most common enemy, Negative self-talk, then repeat. Action, Action, Action… (water, analyze, weed, watch for bugs, treat and repeat)

Free reliable resources you will need tools, directions, and ongoing support from reliable resources. Take advantage of free resources before investing a lot of time or any money to be sure it is what you want. Here are a few resources I trust





The First Requirement!

Mindset is one of the single most important requirements to success with anything. It is essential to be aware of the realities and have a plan to address the challenges as they show up. Most successful people rely on a coach/mentor to hold them accountable and help when they get stuck. Understand what it takes and commit.

know your why As stated in my comparison story, starting, building, and maintaining a business is a process and the work is never done. You must be committed, willing to step outside your comfort zone and have a big enough why. It requires a great deal of determination and dedication to stay focused and positive when things don’t happen as planned. If your why is not big enough, you may find it difficult to continue if things don’t happen fast enough.

Write it down it is a proven fact that people that write down their goals have a higher probability of achieving them. Write down your why and put it where you will see it all the time. This can help you push forward when you are feeling like giving up.

Believe you deserve Abundance many times people start to tell themselves they must not deserve what they desire
because things are not happening fast enough. Plan ahead for this because it is not a matter of if it will happen, but when. Having a plan in place will help correct the thinking quickly so it does not take you down completely.

Take a break something as simple as taking the rest of the day away from what you are doing and do something else you enjoy will bring back the positive energy so when you return the next day you have a new positive mindset. Doing this will help you push through the difficult times.

The Second Requirement!

Get started I don’t know what to write about, what products do people want, what if they don’t like what I have to say, what if!!! I can sit and waste hours in fear of not being perfect or liked, or having the best product. This fear can stop you from ever getting started. Fear is one of the most notorious thieves and we are blind to it most of the time.

The comfort zone you have a job and get a paycheck. You know what to expect for what you do. It is a safe and secure feeling knowing how much will be deposited in your bank account on payday. You are ok with your job but know you would be happier doing something else. Fear of stepping out of your comfort zone can keep you from exploring your options and ever getting started.

Fear of failing you are presented with an opportunity to do something you have little experience with but a burning passion for. You are able to validate the training and support, and able to fund the opportunity, yet you stay where you are because you are afraid of failing.

Fear of success you probably think I have lost my mind, nobody fears success. I will enlighten you. For many success is not a feeling they are real familiar with, so there is discomfort which is actually fear. There is fear that if the business builds you will not be able to follow through or keep up with the demand. Silly as it seems, fear of not having someone tell you what to do in fear you will not do anything at all.

Fear has the power to steal your dreams right out from under your nose. You must master your fears, step out of your comfort zone, take a risk and get started to make your dreams become a reality.

“Itis not the things you do today that you will regret 20 years from now, it isthe things you don’t
do.” Bill Gates.


The Third Requirement!

Be committed & consistent so you have your positive hat on. I am great, people want what I have to offer and I deserve abundance. All the above is likely true but a week goes by and no results, then a month or even three months without the results you expected. Now the negative thinking I talked about earlier starts. When this happens, if you did not plan for it, you may not give up, but you may lose confidence and start spending less time doing what you were doing.

Consistency is key your customers/followers get used to the way you operate. You blog or email once a week but someone else does it 4 days a week, don’t think you have to do it 4 days a week to be successful. What is important is that you are consistent in what you do and do not stop doing what you do if things are not happening fast enough. Stay committed and consistent, it will pay off. If you are inconsistent you will never reach your goals.

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