Legitimate ways to earn money online: I nearly went broke looking for answers

Since you are reading this, you have probably spent some time researching legitimate ways to earn money online, and  are sick of seeing a bunch of BS about earning 10k or more in the next 30 days, or any of the other over inflated garbage on the web, or heard on a robo diled voice recording. I have seen it all, heard it all, and even fell for some of the crap I thought seemed good. I hate to admit I have been suckered more than once and I felt sick to my stomach, angry, frustrated, and out right felt like giving up many times.

I am going to share a little about me, my background, how I got to where I am today and share my experience, in hopes that it will help you make a decision you feel good about.

A little background

I have been self employed most of my adult life. I owned 4 semi trucks over 15 years. In 2009 I began looking for legitimate training in the online business space, and I nearly went broke looking for answers. Several thousand dollars lost and feeling like a fool, I gave up. In 2011 I learned I was going to be a dad so I sold my truck and got a local job.

In 2013 I was in a car accident that did not leave me disabled, but it did leave me with a permanent injury that would not allow me to do the kind of work I knew how to do without suffering headaches and back pain. The driver that hit me was uninsured so my insurance covered my medical and my car but that was it.

My first home based business

April 2014 I finally found a legitimate home based business opportunity and someone to train me but I did not have enough money to effectively run the business so it took 14 months before I had my first sale. From there I earned 96k in 6 months. This business is my main business today. Franchise Voyager is my business name and I am a franchise consultant/broker.

I was taught to purchase franchise leads and to work them. I hated calling 100 people to find one that will go through the process and become a franchise owner. The leads are supposed to be qualified and want to talk with someone about franchising.

The truth is about 70% of the leads are not even qualified which is fine. Out of the 30% that I am able to contact that are qualified are still wondering why I called them so it is still like cold calling even though I paid $55.00 for a qualified lead that supposedly wants to talk with someone about a franchise.

I fell for it again!!!

I am not an experienced marketer but I knew there was a way to reach people and gain credibility as an expert so by the time I am talking with someone, they know who I am, want to be talking with me and trust me.

Again I fell victim to programs that promised to teach how to build a list of people that know, like and trust that will become customers.

By the time I found a program that seemed legit, I was scared to move on it. I read some good reviews but it was all the same s**t to me at that point. “Here is a review of xyz product, somewhat legit, or scam, and here is the one I like most”. So I felt like everything was a bait and switch and there was no real way to know if something was legitimate or not.

Over the next two years I did find some products I thought were it. WRONG!!! 20k later, I had to spend hours and hours searching online to find good free videos to learn from to make up for the money I wasted on nothing. I learned some good things but again I was broke from wasting my money on garbage from unethical a**holes…  Pardon my language, just a little scorned, LOL…

Entrepreneurs do not give up easily

I neglected my franchise brokerage trying desperately to learn something that would be a little more consistent as well as feed me a few good qualified leads per year for my franchise brokerage. I decided to try a new lead source and look at said program again.

Because of everything I learned over the last two years through trial and error, I was able to understand the language better and realized it is in fact a legitimate learning and teaching program with the tools I need to build an online business that will in time be what I desire. Here is a very important point. The program is not a business opportunity.

This is a learning and teaching program with all of the tools, systems and training needed to build an online business of your own. The name of the company is Wealthy Affiliate. I did a full review on Wealthy Affiliate if you would like to read the review I will leave a link to it at the end of this article. The monthly fee for a membership is more than worth its weight in gold. I paid more per month for one single website hosted and very limited training and support. I am sharing this to give an idea the value I get for what I pay for today.

The only reason you are reading this article today is because of what I learned from the training and using all of the systems and tools within WA to build this website and get the information in front of people like me and yourself. Had I just given up the first second or third time I was kicked in the gut, I would be working a mundane job wishing my life could be different and blaming the world for my misfortunes.

Fortunately, I have the entrepreneurial spirit and drive and I do not give up easily and I do not look for excuses and objections to stop me from doing what I truly desire. I truly desire to help people like myself, and likely you, since you are still reading this, realize there are still ethical people in this world, and you can start and build a sustainable business online with the proper tools and training, but it will not happen overnight and it will take hard work doing things you have never done before and do not feel comfortable doing because it is out of your comfort zone.

I have come a long way and have a very steep hill to climb yet. I have days where I feel like I am getting somewhere then I hit the wall of overwhelm. Any successful business owner will tell you the same thing. They have experienced all of the above, they have thought they probably made a mistake, they felt like they would never reach their goals, they wanted to burry their head in the sand in hopes everything would just go away. But for some reason they did not let any of it stop them and eventually they achieved what they had set out to achieve, and they didn’t stop there because a good business owner knows they need to continue to invest in themselves to continue to grow their business.

I would like to point out that I had a background in transportation and not writing. I dropped out of High School in the 11th grade and went back when I was 23 to get my actual diploma from my High School. I do not have a formal education byond that, so you do not have to have a degree in technology or be an english major to build a successful online business.

A Franchise Alternative

For those that do not know anything about franchise businesses. I love good franchise companies because they offer an opportunity for a person with the right skill set and personal drive to utilize proven systems with all of the training and ongoing support from the franchise and the community of franchisees they need to reach their goals as a business owner. A good franchise is constantly improving their systems and will use their most successful franchisees to help create new systems and train new franchisees.

Even though Wealthy Affiliate is not a business opportunity or a franchise, it is like a good franchise business. WA offers an opportunity to those that are ready and willing to do the work it takes to build a business online, by providing all of the tools and systems needed along with the training and ongoing support from the company and community. WA is also always improving the systems and has the community platform to learn from and teach new members when it is your time.

A traditional franchise business even a home based franchise, will start around 50 thousand and exceed millions of dollars between the initial franchise fee, additional tools needed to operate the business, pay role if there are employees, and other operating costs such as marketing and advertising.

I look at WA as an alternative franchise business. It offers everything a franchise offers without the initial franchise fee (initial membership fee) which usually starts at 20 thousand dollars, no monthly royalties average of 6% of gross sales, no national marketing fund 2% of gross sales, and no long term legal contract, usually 10 years.

You can get started and build your first website in minutes with the software and training included in a free membership with WA, but let’s be realistic. Any business no matter what it is will cost money to build. However if you are looking for legitimate training with the tools included to start a business that has very low initial start up, very low overhead, with very high margins, you will not find a better program with the tools, systems, training and ongoing support needed to build a sustainable business of your own.

How much will it cost and how much can I make?

How much will it cost? That question is not possible to answer, mainly because there is no way of knowing how dedicated you will be to building and operating your business, therefore there is no way of knowing how long it will take if ever to produce financial results, break even on your investment and make a profit.

The best answer to the above is, if you are serious about starting a business of your own online then you should be ready and willing to invest the time and minimum financially to give it a shot. 1-3 hours a day at least 5 days a week, monthly membership $49.00 or $29.00 monthly if you pay for a year in advance. All of the tools and training needed to build a business are included in the monthly membership. You should purchase your own domain names, the cost is minimal starting around $9.00 to buy a domain name of your own. High speed internet which you probably already have, but if not $30-$60 per month through your local provider. A desk top computer if you do not have one. You can do a great deal from a phone or tablet, but really you should have at least a good lap top and it will cost a couple hundred dollars for a good one.

If you have the equipment already and the internet already, then all you really have to invest financially is 30-50 per month for the membership. If you work real hard, ask for help, never give up because you did not have results as quick as you wanted, you will eventually have results.

If you are 100% green and are not comfortable navigating around on a computer and following recorded instructions, this could take a year or more to have results. If you have some experience and learn fast, your results could happen within 3 months, but I would still count on investing a year before really seeing any results. Everyone experiences something different and what one person considers success is different from the next, so to gage how long and how much it will take is impossible.

But if you go off of the minimum and it takes a year, $600.00 paying monthly or $360.00 for the year paying up front plus any additional equipment you choose to buy, internet, domain names, or paid advertising for your business. The cost to start a business online using the tools and training through WA could be as low as $360 but could cost a couple thousand before having results. I hope this information helps you to make a decision that you are comfortable with.

In closing

If you are truly an entrepreneur at heart, you will not find excuses to not put fourth your every effort to do what you want to do. You will gather all of the information you need to know the risks and possible rewards then make a decision that is right for you.

If you decide you want to give it a shot, I am here to help. I will be very honest. If you want my help and start with a free membership, I will allow 3 separate ½ hour phone calls that are scheduled through my call calendar only. I will provide as much support as I can through email beyond the 3 calls and this is as long as you are actively doing something with building your business.

I should clarify something here. If you would like to talk with me personally before making a decision about something, That call will not go against the 3 suppot calls with me if you sign up for a free membership.

I am not trying to be rude here, I am very busy and I have spent literally 10’s of thousands of dollars learning what I know today. I have many students that are actively building businesses and are paying monthly to have unlimited support from me and the community. I also have a family that I enjoy spending time with so I stick to my schedule to be fair to myself, my family and my paying students.

In order to have support from me directly even if you sign up with a free membership you have to sign up through my link. Yes, I do get paid this way. Anyone that signs up as a paying customer through me, I receive an affiliate fee, they may sign up free and decide to become a paying customer. If they do not sign up through my affiliate link, I will not get paid if they later decide to become a paying customer.

This is my business and it is how I make money. Some sell through amazon or other affiliate programs, I promote WA as a franchise alternative or to those seeking a legitimate home based business along with hands on coaching and mentoring in starting and running a business built through WA. Deciding what kind of online business to build is one of the things we will help you decide. You do not need to have a product, or a service like mine to build a business. We help you pinpoint a passion of yours and teach you how to turn it into a business. I will be putting an article out about this in the near future to explain in greated detail how to choose a niche and build a business around it.

If you would like to read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate, you can do so >>>HERE<<<

It is my goal to provide quality information. If you found value or would like me to cover a certain topic or review a business for you, please let me know in the comments section below. If you did not find value, let me know how you believe I could improve.

Thank you


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  1. Good job Simon!!! I’m going to have Hollie read this article.

    1. Thank you Rob. I am happy to talk with her if she has questions.

  2. Absolutely amazing. So happy for you. Very informative.

  3. Impressive to say the least! I can relate to the success/failures… everyone in business can unless you are just a warm body filling a mindless position. These people do nothing for the companies they work for. Entrepreneurs reach for excellence over and over. They have passion and strive to succeed. I like the facts in this articles, as numbers don’t lie. Nor do franchises, everything is tracked, and recorded, therefore waste is eliminated and profits rise. On-line businesses, not only are the future, they are the here and now. So you can actually live in your dream spot and run your company, and your clients can shop on-line in their dream spot. This is definitely some well thought out information!

    1. These facts are what I want to help people understand so they can make an informed decision they feel good about, and not one based on emotions from all of the hype many marketers will use to get people to buy impulsively.

  4. Very interesting but the best part is it is straightforward and honest!

    1. Honesty is one area that lacks in the online space, and I want people to know the truth even if it is not what they wanted to hear.

  5. Nice article Simon
    Am Reagan from Zambia(Africa) Have been trying to build my online business as an entrepreneur.I like the Honest in you article…and I think I can learn slot from your experience.

    1. Hi Reagan,

      I am happy to hear you found value in my article. I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and if I do not have an answer, I will help you find the answer.

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