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On this page you will get a snapshot overview of how Career Transition Headquarters can help you determine what kind of businesses if any you are most interested in, which page to visit next and the steps to get a list of businesses that meet your needs and budget.   

I started Franchise Voyager in April of 2014 to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in their efforts to find the right franchise business to invest in. I found that most of the people I work with are skilled intelligent people that would likely make good business owners, but the financial requirements were just beyond their reach. This bothered me, I was able to talk with a lot of great people but only able to help a select few every year achieve their dream of  becoming a franchise owner.

After spending several years researching and evaluating many different home based and online alternatives to traditional business, I found some programs that are perfect for people with a desire to learn and the fire to succeed if given the opportunity and proper resources. My research cost me several thousand dollars, countless hours and a great deal of frustration and even some embarrassment. However, it brought me to a place where I am able to do exactly what I desire, and that is help more people achieve what they desire and deserve. 

With a grater scope of solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs, the brand Franchise Voyager lost its relevance, so after a great deal of thought and consideration, a new brand was born,

Career Transition Headquarters.  

There are thousands of franchises, hundreds of licensing opportunities, and several hundred online opportunities. I can tell you from my personal experience testing the opportunities out there and from working closely with top franchise brands over the last few years, that there are a lot of unethical people out there that will take you for everything you have and not think twice. If you have tried any of these online programs then you may know what I am talking about. This is not limited to just online opportunities. There are many franchises and licensing opportunities that should not be trusted either.

Career Transition Headquarters is dedicated to providing information, tools, and resources to help you save time in your effort to find something that may be a fit in your life as well as help you identify and avoid a scam.

Franchise Opportunities 

If you are looking  specifically for a franchise, click find a franchise, that page will walk you through the entire process of how to find the right franchise and evaluate it. If you decide you would like assistance with finding a franchise, I would love the opportunity to help you. there is a link on the find a franchise page to fill out the general franchise registration form and schedule a consultation with me after completing the form.


If you are looking for a Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity, I suggest reading my article How to Start a Successful Online Business, if after reading the article you have interest in starting a home based business, read the review of one of my top pics by clicking on the read review here tab below, or visit my >>>recommendations page<<< for a list of programs I have found to be legitimate and offer a good opportunity to the right person.

>>>How to Start a Successful Online Business<<<

>>>Read Review HERE<<<

In the meantime if you have a question that has not been answered in one of my posts, or on my >>>about Simon<<< page, feel free to comment at the bottom of one of my post pages, or visit my contact page  to schedule a call with me  

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